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Zoho CRM is a web-based online office suite. It is backed with various features like word processing, databases, spreadsheets, databases, wikis, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), web conferencing, and many other applications which is developed by ZOHO Corporation, a California based company.

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Zoho makes use of open application programming interface for its writer, sheet, and Planner products. It also has the plugins in Microsoft word and Excel, plug-in for Firefox, OpenOffice.org plugin. Zoho is different from other CRM solutions, because the free edition also has the rich functions. The function-rich Zoho goes best for the start-ups and the small businesses. Every record type in Zoho, called as “module” has own tab where the records can be observed either in complete list or in individual form, this stunning feature makes Zoho the highly admired CRM solution. It is much easier for you to connect to the end-users and resolve to their business issues.

Zoho CRM provides various advantages like the Zoho mail which provides strong email features with best storage facility. Users will also be able to find the emails which have been received by them without any hassle. Zoho also provides class apart interface and through this, users can easily search the features they require as such. The technical support is always available online and so this makes it easy ot grasp by the developers. Zoho helps the users in creating the documents and also share the same by the use of Zoho documents. Zoho CRM is great in generating reports using various queries.

Components of Zoho Development

Zoho application development

At Infomaze, we offer comprehensive Zoho application development services to help businesses monetize and grow through the custom apps we build.

Zoho web development

Our certified Zoho web developers follow industry best standards to create innovative, scalable, and secure Zoho web applications. Hire us today!

Zoho CRM development

Our professionals provide Zoho CRM solutions for businesses of all sizes and types, allowing you to reach out to your prospects from one platform.

Zoho Creator app development

Hire expert Zoho Creator developers from Infomaze to build modern, custom applications that perfectly fit your unique business requirements.

Zoho Marketplace apps

We create custom Zoho extensions and apps that can be listed on the Zoho marketplace so that customers can directly purchase and install them.

Zoho third-party API integration

We understand that your business needs more than one application and tool to grow. Hire us to integrate Zoho with your favorite third-party apps.

Ecommerce platforms

Boost your eCommerce operations with our eCommerce platform customizations such as order fulfillment tools, support and ticketing tools, etc.

Analytics software

Make the best use of your business data in terms of cost, accurate decisions, customer experience, and maximizing profits with our BI solutions.

Marketing automation software

Get a complete overview of your marketing campaigns and achieve the best ROI from every campaign you run with our marketing automation solutions.

Accounting software integrations

As certified Zoho partners, we have built Zoho solutions that seamlessly integrate with eCommerce platforms & accounting software using APIs built by our team.

Zoho Writer

Zoho suite's word processor supports the common formats, and the implanted content. The word processors of the Zoho writer are said to support both the online and offline editing feature with the use of Google Gears.

Zoho Sites

This component of Zoho is an online, drag and drop website builder. It offers features like web hosting, web pages and bandwidth. It also includes other awesome features like website templates and mobile websites.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, Customer Relationship Management application has features such as inventory, procurement, and accounting functions from the domain of ERP. The free version of Zoho CRM is limited to 10 years.

Core Features of Zoho CRM

  • Zoho reports provide a set of powerful HTTP based web APIs. It also offers different methods for data integration (adding, modifying and deleting data), and meta data handling. Zoho CloudSQL technology allows the developers to connect with business data which is kept in Zoho reports using familiar SQL language.

  • Zoho provides stunning feature of CRM account to be integrated with other application for developing top-notch business solutions. Example-Google App.

  • Zoho has the best developer community which is termed as Zoho Marketplace, in which developers can enhance their skills.

  • Zoho reports are not only best for small and medium size businesses, but also for the enterprises. It can manage up to hundreds of millions of the data for reporting.

  • Zoho has the wonderful dashboards so you can insert image, format text and web components in flexible designer layouts. This makes it simple for executives and users for tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) efficiently.

  • You have the best option for synchronizing your data with the Zoho Reports for the purpose of reporting. Data synchronization is done automatically and can be done time to time.

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