Fitfannie fitness iOS app developed by CodeMaya
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Fitfannie fitness app

Fitfannie is a casual workout and fitness app made specially for the beginners with a proper and precise exercises for optimal:
  • -Caloric Burn: Beyond your workout!
  • -Weight Training: for all body types and exercise levels
  • -Stretching: to make your results really show and matter
  • -Connection with mind and body: for habit formation and clarity of safe exercise performance


CodeMaya build the Fitfannie app uniquely to increase velocity and decrease project risk backed with powerful firebase features of database, hosting and authentication. We help the most admired companies in the world build ios applications that matter. We believe in building digital products that solve business requirements and drive market differentiation by providing end-to-end, full-stack development for mobile apps. Our strategy, design, and growth marketing services also include considerations for SEO, accessibility, and security.

fitfannie mobile
fitfannie mobile
fitfannie mobile
fitfannie mobile

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