LuxeHunt on Insta and long before that

The LuxeHunt founder loved hunting deals for as long as it can be remembered as it all got initiated in middle school with a 90% off rack of peach and teal turtlenecks at JCPenney’s. Spending innumerable days at Ross, Marshalls, and outlets. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago LuxeHunt took its deal hunting to another level. They began to learn about finding high end designer items, travel, homeware, beauty products, etc. at a fraction of the retail price online. With a lot of years of learning and now all set to share with all of its audience.

Luxehunt initially used to share all their findings and huntings using various social media platforms, mostly Instagram. In no time, it had a huge fan following and today ( at the time of writing this story ) it has 72,000+ followers. More and more brands started appearing with great deals and there was a point where instagram started feeling “limited.”

Why was Instagram not enough for LuxeHunt’s business requirements?

Although we are in a world where social media is the goto platform to connect between influencers and their audience, the web applications are much more relevant in 2020. In the digital age, having an online presence is essential, but does that mean social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are enough for your brand?

The answer is a big NO

LuxeHunt knew this right from the get-co and always wanted to start their own web application. They realized they were probably more of a deal hunter then an influencer as they were posting really great deals on a daily basis. They decided to take the leap and get a web application created which would be a Deal Hunting Service which allows them to share all the deals they find with everyone. They also decided that they would not only include luxury goods but other deals as well!

Whether it's a business owner, a personal trainer, a small gym owner, a blogger or a photographer, if there is one thing that is firmly needed, it’s a web application. Let’s analyze and find out why entrepreneurs like LuxeHunt still need a web application domain in 2020.

The cons of NOT having a web application of your own and depending completely on social media platforms

The PROs of having your own web application?