CodeMaya is committed to press forward during Covid-19 crisis

CodeMaya is committed to press forward during Covid-19 crisis

Covid - 19

Now more than ever, small businesses need an online presence due to the government mandated stay-at-home orders because of Covid-19. Codemaya is offering quick and inexpensive websites so that small businesses can continue to engage and keep their customers up to date.

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World crisis

The virus storm has swept through every known location worldwide. G20 leaders said they were committed to presenting a united front against the coronavirus pandemic, calling it their "absolute priority" to tackle its health, social and economic impacts.


The leaders worldwide are emphasizing the importance of staying home. We have all seen the images online of the people who aren’t adhering to the recommendations of social distancing. We need to understand that we are not just putting yourself at risk, but our loved ones as well. Understanding the seriousness of this situation, we should heed the warnings of what has been requested of us and abide by the shelter in place guidelines.

Economic slowdown

Coronavirus will have a larger economic impact than the financial crisis. If you think about economies that are in lockdown, they are going to have short sharp recessions in terms of getting businesses and households back on their feet.

Effect on Startups

We are in a generational unprecedented situation, both humanitarians and businesses are in crisis. The new funding will come to a stand still which will effect many new businesses. What is practical right now is to react proactively and make the difficult decisions. Establishing a set of parameters, eliminating what is not essential and having an aggressive contingency plan by preserving our future choices is what would be the most prudent action.

WFH and its challenges

As a solution to this shelter in place initiative, most of the digital companies have made work from home a mandatory practice. This new procedure comes with many challenges related to problems pertaining to technology. Some may or may not get resolved as quickly as they would working in the office. This could make working remotely difficult due to distractions. not following a strict schedule, no coworkers around, miscommunication, healthy work life balance and many more.

How CodeMaya is trying to overcomes those challenges

Since we are a digital company and we were better prepared than many other sort of traditional enterprises, hence health and safety was our primary concern this is why we decided to move from office to work from home much before the government announced a lockdown and we are prepared that we will be impacted for a very long time but are hoping this crisis will go over and the business will come to normal in a couple of quarters. But right now the job is to ensure that the people are productive and we are engaging them in all possible ways

Our one week experience on complete lockdown

Just like any other tech giant, we have a lot of the resources that enable us to work from home, our team that used to collaborate in person is now using these media resources to stay in touch throughout the working hours. With a complete experience of 2 weeks with employees working from remote, CodeMaya had decided to reverse a seemingly successful policy. It was the belief that locating teams in the office would make them more productive, innovative, and agile. But the reality is that remote work is the future.

Our Commitment as a team

While the issue isn't with working remotely, it is how we manage and work with remote employees. For managers and co-workers to develop productive relationships we’ve established clear expectations and constant communication in a time when video conferencing is the new norm. Location does not define where you can be the most productive. Trust and confidence in our employees is our definition of efficiency.

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