CodeMaya serves a wide range of customers and supports software applications ranging from start-up client code development, to large scale implementations for mid to large corporations

About us

what codemaya does

We create software

for our clients to grow their businesses.

No matter the objective, industry, device or software platform, we're driven to improve the human relationship with technology by designing and building meaningful connections between the application and the user. We believe user-centered design is the answer.

We specialize in the delivery of powerful custom software solutions and web applications - from online test delivery platforms for national organizations, to award-winning apps for industries as diverse as Travel and Tourism, Broadcasting and Insurance and extensive, mobile and responsive websites for recognized industry leaders and technology

CodeMaya Delivers Solutions

CodeMaya serves a wide range of customers and supports software applications ranging from start-up client code development to large scale implementations for mid to large corporations.

Our core value proposition and mission is to offer the market with cost effective, high quality, on-time software solutions and mobile application development. All projects are managed from the USA HQ located in Pleasanton CA to ensure seamless communication and delivery of projects to customers.

All code design and software development is directly and exclusively developed by CodeMaya in India. All CodeMaya projects are intensively managed using agile/scrum methodologies to ensure the highest level of communications and coordination for our customers. CodeMaya is an organization of committed software developers who aim at perfection and exceeding customer expectations.

Founded in 2015, located in Pleasanton CA

CodeMaya's highly technical team of motivated and professional development engineers provide web software, web design,

mobile application development and project management services.


Codemaya understands that the information our clients and our potential clients share with us is confidential and consists of proprietary information and trade secrets. Therefore, Codemaya has a strict policy to keep the intellectual property of our clients confidential by requiring the execution of our Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement as the first step in becoming our customer.

Codemaya also implements strict confidentiality requirements to all of our employees and requires each employee to sign a Non-disclosure agreement prior to their employment with us.

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